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VIC is green technology for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems

General Conditions of Purchase


1. Scope / different terms and conditions

By accepting our order, the supplier agrees to these Conditions. Confirmed the order with our supplier's conditions, then only apply our conditions of purchase, even if we do not object. The conditions of the supplier apply only if they agree with our Terms and Conditions. Deviations compared to only apply if they are accepted by us in writing. If the supplier does not agree with this use, it has now specifically authorized in a separate letter on it. We have in this case the right to withdraw our order. Our terms and conditions also apply to all future transactions, even if not specifically for each order they referred to.


2. Order confirmation

Each order is confirmed immediately with our order number and a specific delivery date to our Terms and Conditions. Discrepancies in the confirmation and the conditions of contract are only effective if they are expressly accepted in writing.


3. Contract and contract amendment

Subsequent amendments to the order must be in writing.
Verbal agreements must be confirmed in writing.


4. Prices

All prices listed in the order are fixed prices. Price changes require a written confirmation from us. The shipping costs, especially packaging and cartage costs, the supplier shall, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


5. Terms of payment

The payment of invoices within 30 days either. /. 3% discount or net within 90 days. Which shall commence upon delivery, when delivered with installation acceptance by our customers or their representative and receipt. If incomplete or damaged shipments received the payment shall commence only after full and flawless delivery. Our offset and retention are not negotiable.


6. Invoicing


  • Invoices shall be submitted separately in 2-fold for each copy ordered.
  • Invoices can only be paid if the supplier is not only our job number auditable delivery notes, which are by signature of the recipient (client) on receipt, professional installation and acceptance of goods confirmed has attached and the invoice and otherwise complies with the applicable statutory and tax regulations and meets the formal requirements.
  • Even with invoice amounts less than EUR 50.00, the tax must be shown separately.

7. Shipping

The shipment must be made early enough so that proper storage is possible on site before the end of work. The transfer must always be made only to our construction management engineer. Extradition to a third party is not considered done. The supplier assumes the obligation to choose the cheapest way freight. Each consignment are in duplicate delivery notes and shipping notices attached. A duplicate bill of lading is attached to the invoice. The supplier bears the risk of shipping.


8. Contract number and delivery location

All correspondence, especially on ASNs, invoices, bills of lading, invoices and Expressgutabschnitten our order number and the place of delivery shall be specified.


9. Delivery time

  • Occurring delays in the delivery, the supplier without delay after the announcement, stating the reasons and the expected duration of the delay. A recognition of the new delivery date is determined neither by the message given even by our silence on this release.
  • Failure to comply with the agreed deadlines and delivery dates, we are entitled to cancel the contract or to claim damages for nonperformance.
  • By retaining the contract, the supplier shall reimburse us for all costs and damages resulting from late deliveries, unless he can prove that the delay in delivery is not represented by him or his agents.
  • Partial, advance or excess deliveries can only be done at an appropriate agreement.


10. Subcontractor

In a coherent system assumes the liability of contractors for their ability to function in accordance with the rules of technology and their lack of freedom. The delivery and storage of materials and the assembly or to supervise work by a subcontractor must be done in self-responsible activity and taking into account the accident prevention regulations.


11. Remedial obligation


  • For all goods and services for a building assumes the supplier / subcontractor to us for the duration of 5 years from the date of acceptance of the installation concerned, the liability for defects in the way that, at our discretion
  • either eliminate all defects and damage that is found during this period, especially due to the use of poor material, faulty design or faulty construction to immediately by the supplier / subcontractor's expense, or that release of the company or another placed in-or foreign address is to provide free replacement immediately. Here, the removal and installation costs and subsequent costs are in both cases at the expense of the supplier / subcontractor.



Upon good cause or unreasonableness of a deadline, we are authorized to perform the work for troubleshooting or ordering spare parts at the expense of the supplier / subcontractor without prior notice. The period under section 11 is already interrupted by simple written complaint. After correction of the defect with regard to the remedial work will begin a new commitment to remedy the defect with a new deadline of 5 years. The provisions of § § 377, 378 are excluded, there remain boxed goods delivered to the site to be built.


13. Returns

The supplier is obliged to return the delivered item, if we do not need this at the site. It is a credit equal to the invoice price to give, unless the supplier can prove that the delivery item is no longer in a reusable condition.
Credits must be received no later than 14 days after the return delivery.


14. Foreign suppliers

For contracts with foreign suppliers is subject to German law.


15. Additional agreements

Only written agreements are binding confirmed. The contract shall remain in effect even if individual points of its conditions. Above-listed conditions should be considered as part of our order and are for our orders (including reorders) exclusively authoritative, if any deviations are explicitly confirmed by us in writing.


16. Performance, Jurisdiction, Applicable Law

Performance and exclusive jurisdiction for deliveries and payments (including checks and bills) and all the parties to disputes arising, is if the supplier is a merchant, legal person under public law or public law special fund, the headquarters of the buyer. The relationship between the parties is governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany under exclusion amid the Hague Sales Convention.