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VIC is green technology for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems

VIC Container fueling tank sets CTS series

In case of the VIC container fueling tank sets of the CTS series, it involves transportable fueling tank sets which are adapted to standard size containers. In this way, global transport is possible by truck and ship without additional expenditure.

The container fueling tank sets are produced in 20 ft. and 40 ft. lengths as one-chamber and two-chamber fueling tank sets, with and without tap systems.

Our container fueling tank sets are used worldwide where, for economic and technical reasons, a variable tank system is necessary and must be extended and/or moved at any time without any great economic and technical outlay.

Such as, for example, on large construction sites, airports, yacht and ship harbors and refueling stations where vehicles and machines must be refueled in the short term, and where traditionally-built fueling tank sets are not required.

In case of the equipping of our container fueling tank sets with tap systems and their own electric power production, a short-term operational startup is possible.

All fueling tank sets are produced to order and are adapted to the requirements of our customers.

Inquire with us and we will send you an offer suited to your requirements.